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CORE 6 | Movement Analysis

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Fluid Health & Fitness, Inc uses a one-of-a-kind movement analysis to determine movement limitations & muscle imbalances. By identifying specific postural & global movement deficits we can determine the root cause of injury & help prevent injuries from happening altogether. 


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What is included in the CORE | 6 Analysis?


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Postural Bias Assessments (Hyperkyphosis / Hyperlordosis)

Postural biases are faulty postures that deviate from optimal alignment, altering the forces acting on the body increasing the likelihood of movement dysfunction & injury. We assess for functional & structural deviations from a person's center of mass.

global movement systems
Global Movement System Assessments

Forces are transmitted through the bodily structures within an anatomical sling or chain of muscles called "Global Movement Systems" (GMS). These systems create stability & transmit forces to distant areas of the body. We assess the GMS for segmental deficits in strength, mobility, & coordination.


passive range of motion
Passive Range of Motion Assessments
Passive Range of Motion (PRM) measures the passive range of motion for the neck, trunk, spine, hips, & upper/lower extremities. Limb symmetry range of motion is assessed & compared to the range of motion of a normative healthy population .
composite limb symmetry index
Composite Limb Symmetry Index Assessments

Composite Limb Symmetry Index (CLSI) is a group of strength ratios between opposing lower extremities, used to provide an objective measure of limb strength symmetry. The values compare the balance of force between a person's lower extremity force couples, compared to what normative healthy populations are. 

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Fluid Health & Fitness, Inc is an outpatient orthopedic group that specializes in functionally integrated movement. The CORE | 6 Movement Analysis is offered at either of their two Minnesota outpatient orthopedic centers or virtually through their telehealth platform at


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